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Expedition Edition 20: Maui, Hawaii

Our trip came to an end with an entirely too short three-night stay in Maui. Maggie and I stayed on the western peninsula of Maui about five miles north of the town of Lahaina. We took it pretty easy, though we did manage to get in some snorkeling (photo 4) and a couple of rounds of mini golf (I won both games, but there's no reason to say who won or lost).

More than anything, Maui was a perfect way to transition from our trip around Europe and Asia back to states, where we'll start looking for jobs and resume a more normal life. We've already reconnected with our pooch, Ducky, who was taken care of by Maggie's parents (thank you Jane and Rick!) for the last two and a half months.

I'm also looking forward to getting back into music. This website is supposed to be primarily about my music after all! As always, the photos are below and I really appreciate you following along on our adventures.

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