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Hi! I'm a Seattle-born, Chicago-built, and Oakland-based songwriter who sings folk songs and just about everything else. I've played with hard rock bands (Hero Monster Zero) and hip hop duos (8090). In any genre, my songwriting style is chorus-driven and I try my best to produce songs that take up residence in your brain long after the track ends.
My friend, Brian, and I just released the second hip hop EP under the Whiskey Sessions name! Check out, Whiskey Sessions II: Another Sip.
Delusions is the latest full-length album from Andy Metz, and was released on December 8th, 2015. Here's some of what the press has said about Andy and his most recent album:

"His melodies, too, are engaging and memorable, and he has an appealingly chill singing voice that he put entirely at the service of his songs."
- Robert Rodi, NewCity

"Andy Metz's album, Delusions, is the most real album from a songwriter this year."
- Hannah Frank, OnAxis Music & Media 

"...something for every taste and filled with some very deft songwriting.  Delusions is nothing short of a fine reality."
- Rob Ross, Popdose
"He speaks from the heart and that is far more compelling than someone who uses a bunch of ten-dollar words to say nothing at all."
- Josh Terzino, Music. Defined.
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