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Expedition Edition 3: Seville and Tarifa, Spain

Maggie and I ventured outside of Portugal through parts of Spain on our way to Morocco. Though our one-night stops in Seville and Tarifa were intended to be mostly places to rest our weary bones, we really ended up enjoying both locations.

We hopped on a bus from Portugal to Seville, Spain, and decided to stay at a hotel in the city's most ridiculous building, Torre Sevilla. It's the first picture in the group of photos in this post. The tower is the tallest in Seville (by a lot), and though it's not tall by normal skyscraper standards (592', making it just under a Space Needle), it stands in stark, stark contrast to the rest of the city. As I understand it, it's size and modernity make it fairly unpopular with the locals as well.

Though it was on the warmer side, strolling around Seville was delightful, and I could have used a night or two more there. For dinner, we ate at Cañabota, which is a Michelin-starred seafood restaurant that we only stumbled upon because the restaurant we were attempting to go to was permanently closed. Cañabota was incredible, and my wife (bless her soul) bravely combatted her distaste for seafood by trying the clams, four types of fish (including ceviche, two appetizers, and our main dish), raw oysters (!), and caviar on two different dishes (!!). A prouder husband there is not.

We hopped on another bus to Tarifa, which is as far south as you can go in mainland Spain and is where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea meet. More importantly, it's a great place to hop a ferry to Morocco, which was our main purpose in being there. We did enjoy the town for the brief time we were there though, and I definitely recommend spending a night in Tarifa if you find yourself pondering the many options you have for getting to Morocco. The beaches are beautiful and you can watch tankers and cruise ships roll through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Check out the photos below and thanks for reading!

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