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Expedition Edition 2: Lagos, Portugal

Maggie and I hopped on a train and headed south from Lisbon to Lagos for the second stop on the Portugal leg of our trip. If you don't know much about Lagos, you're in the same camp I was two months ago.

Lagos is a beach/party town on the southern coast of the country, known as the Algarve. I wouldn't say beach/party towns are usually our scene, but after spending the last four nights in Lagos, maybe they are?

Maggie and I kayaked along the coast (no sharks!), ducking in and out of different natural grottos and around rock formations. It was Maggie's first time kayaking ever and she handled it like a champ. A couple of people in our group tipped their kayaks like a bunch of dummies, but not us! We did get to take a couple of jumps into the Atlantic though, and I would describe the water as juuuuust warm enough. It was definitely one of my favorite experiences of the trip so far.

We didn't take much of an opportunity to explore the region beyond Lagos and the mountain town of Monchique, but what we saw was beautiful. If we had more time, we definitely would have wanted to explore more, but that's how it goes sometimes, you know?

Tomorrow, we head to Spain (briefly) and then on to Morocco (slightly less briefly). My overall experience in Portugal has been incredible, and I'm hoping we can make a trip back at some point to further explore the Algarve and then tool around the Porto area.

The photos are below. Thank you for reading!

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